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Photography is the story I fail to put
into words.

Hey, I’m Shante and I unapologetically love taking photos.

I believe in capturing moments rather than perfection and I’ll always try and make client’s laugh (usually at me) and feel comfortable in my presence…I have no qualms with over-sharing if it means you can think of me more as a friend than just a photographer.

I grew up in a snap-happy family where a camera was always in view and I guess the bug was always there because I just can’t help it – there’s something magical about looking at a scene through a camera and knowing that this moment will be saved forever with just one click.

I am hooked on capturing time with my family because I know how precious it is to freeze a memory and make it eternal.

When it comes to photographing families, couples and weddings, my style rests heavily on remaining relatively unobtrusive and using natural light and varying locations that mean something to you. I like to capture the raw emotions of our time together – but I understand that we all like a little direction to make us feel comfortable.

For product photography I am incredibly particular about showcasing the reason and the story behind a brand and I aim to make that speak through my photos.

To find out more about me, you can follow me on Instagram here 

shante hutton photography
A photograph is but light and time

yet it can hold magic